Lehman audio black cube decade
Lehman audio black cube decade
Lehman audio black cube decade
Lehman audio black cube decade
Lehman audio black cube decade
Lehman audio black cube decade

Lehmann Audio Black Cube Decade

Preamplificador de phono MM/MC con fuente alimentación independiente.

Ajuste de ganancia, capacitancia e impedancia

1.786,00 €
Impuestos incluidos


Lehmannaudio is has built a reputation and unrivalled customer satisfaction on the sound and build quality of phono stages. The ambitious Black Cube Decade effectively fills the gap between the Black Cube SE II and the Lehmannaudio reference phono stage, the Silver Cube. In the Decade , like in all Lehmannaudio devices, top notch technology is used that normally can be found only in price ranges far above.

The input stages of the Decade can also be found in top notch mixing consoles and high class microphone preamps of professional studio electronics. The highly accurate, passive RIAA equalisation network is placed between two linear gain stages and uses precision MKP capacitors. This results in a very stable soundstage reproduction and pin point localisation of instruments.

The maximum gain of 66dB is well enough for even very exotic low output MC cartridges. Impedance load adaption is practically infinite as with all Lehmannaudio phono stages: there is a free slot for a custom impedance so that every existing MC cartridge on the market can be loaded properly. Input capacitances are adjustable as well.

The Decade virtually sends a challenge for a pickup comparison as it meticulously sticks by its specifications.
– Image Hifi

Soft bass roll-off filter and PWX II power supply.

The Decade is the first phono stage by Lehmannaudio that offers a "Soft-Bass- Rolloff-Filter" and gain selections accessible via toggle switches at the face plate. Both, gain and filter functions, are executed by studio grade relais inside the unit.

The Decade is powered by the PWX II, a power supply especially developed for the unit which is downward compatible with the PWX. This means that Black Cube audio sections can also be connected. The second power outlet at the PWX II is made especially for that purpose. The PWX II power supply with chokes at critical places powers the Decade with very clean DC power and - like the Silver Cube - is connected to the audio section via a shielded cable with Neutrik XLR plugs.


Etapa de entrada

Preamplificador doble mono microfónico
Chip de la más nueva generación

Ajustes de ganancia

36 dB, 46 dB, 56 dB, 66 dB

Ganancia máxima

66 dB

Impedancias internas

47k, 1k, 100 ohmios (seleccionable)

Personalización de la impedancia en placa

Capacitancia interna de la entrada y tipo de condensador

47 pF, 100 pF, 200 pF, 1 nP KP 1% y combinaciones
(47 pF siempre activo)

Filtro suave para grave

Sí (conmutador en la placa frontal)

Alta ganancia

Sí (conmutador en la placa frontal)

Condensadores del filtro RIA


Acople de grave tras RIA


Segunda etapa de ganancia

Operacional doble mono Burr Brown OPA 134

Buffer de salida con ninguna realimenzación global

Sí (Clase A bipolar)

Jumper de salida DC


Características de la fuente de alimentación en placa de audio

Filtro Pi LC
Filtros RC con exhaustivo bypass electrolítico

Producto añadido a la lista de deseos
Product added to compare.

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