WireWorld Aurora 5

WireWorld Aurora

Cable de red, conductores de cobre libre de oxigeno bañado en plata

170,00 €
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El Aurora 52 es un cable de corriente de altas prestaciones que ofrece un valor excepcional para el dinero. Dispone de conductores de cobre libre de oxígeno bañados en plata y conectores moldeados con contactos de cobre libre de oxígeno chapados en plata. Una elección perfecta para los sistemas de audio de gama media y sistemas de visualización de imagen de gama High-End.

"We were particularly impressed with this cable's contribution to the sound of each of the components we used with it, as it seems to bring with it an unusually wide range of improvements. The commonest mains cable effect, of improved detail, is certainly there, but we also noted additional subjective extension in both bass and treble."
"Bass benefits in reach and precision, while treble becomes more crystalline. Stereo imaging also tightens up a little as a side effect of this and the end result is a very attractive net benefit."

Hi-Fi Choice, Jan '09

"Best mains product" award 2008 by Hi-Fi Choice magazine


"Create a cleaner sound from your speakers with this mains cable"

"...as soon as I replaced my reference power cord with Aurora, I knew this was no ordinary cable; the lower bass became lower, and at the same time, the resolution improved. Once again, the magic of the audio world is restored."

"The resolution and spatial integrity increased, the bass firmed up, and dynamics, both macro and micro improved significantly...the improvement with the Aurora (power cord) is completely consistent and not subtle."

"With the Aurora power cord in place, bass was full, deep and very tight, edging out the MIT cords in both the full and deep departments. The mids were similarly spectacular, detailed, quick and dynamic."



1 m

Tipo de construcción

Cobre libre de oxígeno bañado en plata




Aleación de cobre chapado en plata


IEC y Schuko moldeados


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