Supra Ply 3.4 S

Supra Ply 3.4 S

Cable de altavoz con conductores de cobre o de plata trenzados, unidad por metros

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The screened Ply
The screened Supra Ply 3.4/S combines low inductance and tin plating with the shielding concept, making it our top high-end loudspeaker cable. Read more about the Ply

Ply 3.4/S
2x3.4 mm².
Tin plated, sandwich design. Applications: High power systems, or longer lengths in low to medium power systems or where RF levels warrant it or where runs must be next to mains or lower level signal cables.

Simplistic fat conductors’ rising impedance (due to L) of +6dB/octave is further raised by internal eddy currents causing ’Skin effect’, like ’the square root of inductance’, adding. +3dB/oct, to the L-reactance slope. For typical cable runs, nett inductivity is such that performance in heavy plain conductors is measurably affected with steady signals just above 1kHz.

Cables with copper or silver stranded conductors suffer from complex oxidation. The semiconductive ’diodes’ between the strands aren’t seen by steady tests, but look like a high capacitance to music signals. This causes energy storage/release cycles, that regular tests miss, yet which is audible with music. This problem is also describable as the electron flow being ’trapped’ inside strands & twisting away from the direct route.

Supra Ply is a largesection, low resistance cable, overcoming skin effect & transient distortion, using pure tin plating. Tin melds to copper with-out any diodic barrier, & also protects the copper from common corrosions - ideal for outdoors & 12 volt. Most audiograde cables’ conductors are damaged by contamination, by plastic out-gassing, from the impure atmosphere, & liquid spills. Some are protected but only by a thin coating that’ll one day crack with use and age. Neatly, oxidation forming on Ply is sonically benign.

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