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Beyerdynamic T1
Beyerdynamic T1
Beyerdynamic T1
Beyerdynamic T1
Beyerdynamic T1
Beyerdynamic T1

Beyerdynamic T1

Auriculares dinámicos circumaurales de tipo semiabierto

Tecnología Tesla. 32 ohmios.

Calidad High End

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The new sophisticated DT 990 is a headphone for enthusiasts and will satisfy you with a perfect sound and comfort. The use of high-quality material and the distinctive design underline the standard of a high end model. The headphone is still handcrafted in Germany warranting a high quality.

The completely redesigned transducers achieve values of over one Tesla (a unit of measurement for magnetic flux density). That provides the listener with almost double as much volume as traditional headphones.

The increased efficiency also leaves the T 1 with greater power reserves for dynamic, undistorted sound and nearly lossless conversion of electric signals into sound waves. The extremely lightweight 600 Ohm voice coil provides transparency and perfect impulse fidelity.

The elegant look of the T 1 compliments the technical achievements, with even the smallest of details selected by hand. This model reaffirms beyerdynamic's commitment to world-class "Made in Germany" quality.

Get the most out of your headphones: enjoy the T 1 together with the A 1 headphone amplifier as the dream team for audiophiles.


  • Perfect transient- and phase fidelity (600 ohm voice coil)
  • Outstanding neutral sound
  • Very high wearing comfort due to verlour earpads and leather headband pad



Tipo de transmisión

Por cable

Principio de operación de los auriculares


Impedancia nominal

600 ohmios

Respuesta de frecuencia de los auriculares

5 - 50.000 Hz

Nivel de presión sonora

102 dB


Circumaural (alrededor de la oreja)

Cable y conector

Cable de conexión recta con conector jack estéreo de 6,3 mm

Peso neto

530 gramos

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